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Molecular Metabolism Volume 82.gif

Kleibioeker B et al.  Adipose tissue peroxisomal lipid synthesis orchestrates obesity and insulin resistance through LXR-dependent lipogenesis.

Nature Metab Vole 6 Issue 2 2024.png

Zhang X et al.  Identification of a leucine-mediated threshold effect governing macrophage mTOR signalling and cardiovascular risk.

Collaborative Paper
Am Journal Pathology cover Jan 2024.gif

Anand SK et al.  Amino Acid Metabolism and Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease.

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Expert Opinion cover.jpeg

Galindo CL et al.  Lipid-laden foam cells in the pathology of atherosclerosis: shedding light on new therapeutic targets.

JHEP Reports cover.gif

Chan MM et al.  Steatosis drives monocyte-derived macrophage accumulation in human metabolic dysfunction-associated fatty liver disease.

Collaborative Paper
Nature communications cover.jpg

Hu D et al.  TMEM135 links peroxisomes to the regulation of brown fat mitochondrial fission and energy homeostasis.

Collaborative Paper
Bioibformatics cover.jpeg

Khan SR et al.  metGWAS 1.0: an R workflow for network-driven over-representation analysis between independent metabolomic and meta-genome-wide association studies.

Collaborative Paper
Cell Reports cover_Voluem 42.gif

Quach C et al.  Enhancing autophagy in CD11c+ antigen-presenting cells as a therapeutic strategy for acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Collaborative Paper

 Seeley EH et al.  Spatially Resolved Metabolites in Stable and Unstable Human Atherosclerotic Plaques Identified by Mass Spectrometry Imaging.

Collaborative Paper

Zhang X, et al. Loss of Macrophage mTORC2 Drives Atherosclerosis via FoxO1 and IL-1β Signaling.

Circ Res Vol 132 Issue 11.webp

Jha V et al.  A Critical Role for ERO1α in Arterial Thrombosis and Ischemic Stroke.

Collaborative Paper
Thermogenic Fat cover.webp

Yeh YS, et al. Subcutaneous Transplantation of White Adipose Tissue.

Cell Metabolism Cover_VOlume 35 Issue 6.webp

Ozcan M et al.  Sustained alternate-day fasting potentiates doxorubicin cardiotoxicity.

Collaborative Paper
Autophagy Volume 19 Issue 3.jpg

Zhang X, et al.  Use of acidic nanoparticles to rescue macrophage lysosomal dysfunction in atherosclerosis.


Taghrir MH, et al.  Inequity and disparities mar existing global research evidence on Long COVID.

Collaborative Paper



Park AC, et al.    PCSK9 Pleiotropism: In the Same Vein as Statins.

STAR Protocols.gif

Zhang X et al.  Evaluation of mTORC1 signaling in mouse atherosclerotic macrophages by flow cytometry and immunofluorescence.


Arentoft A et al.  HIV Antiretroviral Medication Neuropenetrance and Neurocognitive Outcomes in HIV+ Adults: A Review of the Literature Examining the Central Nervous System Penetration Effectiveness Score.

Collaborative Paper

Francis GA and Razani B.  Autophagy in Atherosclerosis: Not All Foam Cells Are Created Equal.

JCI 133-12-cover.jpg

Rusu I et al.  Microbial signals, MyD88, and lymphotoxin drive TNF-independent intestinal epithelial tissue damage.

Collaborative Paper

Theofani E et al.  TFEB signaling attenuates NLRP3-driven inflammatory responses in severe asthma.

Collaborative Paper

Li J et al.  Neutrophil DREAM promotes neutrophil recruitment in vascular inflammation.

Collaborative Paper
Envirnmental Science Cover.jpg

Hosseinnezhad  M et al.  Green miles in dyeing technology: metal-rich pumpkin extracts in aid of natural dyes.

Collaborative Paper
J of Virological Methods.gif

Razani B et al.  A comparative study of pathogen inactivation technologies in human platelet lysate and its optimal efficiency in human placenta-derived stem cells culture.

Collaborative Paper


JACC Cover.gif
Collaborative Paper
Infection cover.jpg

Akbarialiabad H, et al.  Long COVID, a comprehensive systematic scoping review.

Collaborative Paper
Autophagy cover_Volume 17 Issue 11.jpg
JACC Cover.gif
Immunity Volume 54 Issue 9.gif
Collaborative Paper
Collaborative Paper
Collaborative Paper



Razani B, et al.  Preserving immune homeostasis with A20.

Collaborative Paper
Cell Report_Volume 33 Issue 1.gif

Dean JM, et al.  MED19 Regulates Adipogenesis and Maintenance of White Adipose Tissue Mass by Mediating PPARγ-Dependent Gene Expression.

Collaborative Paper
Expert Opinion Volume 24 Issue 9.jpg

Stitham J, et al.  Inflammasomes: a preclinical assessment of targeting in atherosclerosis.

JOournal for Immunotherapy of Cancer.jpg

Li Y, et al.  TFEB is a master regulator of tumor-associated macrophages in breast cancer.

Collaborative Paper
Molecular cell Volume 79 Issue 1.gif

He A, et al.  Acetyl-CoA Derived from Hepatic Peroxisomal β-Oxidation Inhibits Autophagy and Promotes Steatosis via mTORC1 Activation.

Collaborative Paper
Nature Metabolism January 2020.png

Zhang X, et al.  High-protein diets increase cardiovascular risk by activating macrophage mTOR to suppress mitophagy.

JOurnal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.gif

Galle-Treger L, et al.  Autophagy is critical for group 2 innate lymphoid cell metabolic homeostasis and effector function.

Collaborative Paper
Nature Immunol April 2020.png

Razani B, et al.  Non-catalytic ubiquitin binding by A20 prevents psoriatic arthritis-like disease and inflammation.

Collaborative Paper



Evans TD, et al.  TFEB drives PGC-1α expression in adipocytes to protect against diet-induced metabolic dysfunction.

JCI 4-21-cover.jpg

Javaheri A, et al.  TFEB activation in macrophages attenuates postmyocardial infarction ventricular dysfunction independently of ATG5-mediated autophagy.


Evans TD, et al.  Functional Characterization of LIPA (Lysosomal Acid Lipase) Variants Associated With Coronary Artery Disease.


Jeong SJ, et al.  p62/ SQSTM1 and Selective Autophagy in Cardiometabolic Diseases.


Park H, et al.  Peroxisome-derived lipids regulate adipose thermogenesis by mediating cold-induced mitochondrial fission.


McGill JB, et al.  Low dose chloroquine decreases insulin resistance in human metabolic syndrome but does not reduce carotid intima-media thickness.

J Leuk Biol_m_cover.gif

Kalugotla G, et al.  Frontline Science: Acyl-CoA synthetase 1 exacerbates lipotoxic inflammasome activation in primary macrophages.


Primeau T, et al.  Assessment of Copper Nanoclusters for Accurate in Vivo Tumor Imaging and Potential for Translation.

Nature Immunol Jan 2019.png

Dick SA, et al.  Self-renewing resident cardiac macrophages limit adverse remodeling following myocardial infarction.



Weber KJ, et al.    PPARγ Deficiency Suppresses the Release of IL-1β and IL-1α in Macrophages via a Type 1 IFN-Dependent Mechanism.


Zhang Y et al.  TFEB-dependent induction of thermogenesis by the hepatocyte SLC2A inhibitor trehalose.

Current Opinion in Lipidology.jpeg

Zhang X, et al.  Classical and alternative roles for autophagy in lipid metabolism.

showCoverImage (1).jpg

Evans TD, et al.  TFEB and trehalose drive the macrophage autophagy-lysosome system to protect against atherosclerosis.


Immunity Volume 47 Issue 5.gif

Clemente-Casares X, et al.  A CD103+ Conventional Dendritic Cell Surveillance System Prevents Development of Overt Heart Failure during Subclinical Viral Myocarditis.


Zhang H, et al.  CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Gene Editing in Human iPSC-Derived Macrophage Reveals Lysosomal Acid Lipase Function in Human Macrophages-Brief Report.

Autophagy_volume 13 issue 11.jpg

Liu H, et al.  Intermittent fasting preserves beta-cell mass in obesity-induced diabetes via the autophagy-lysosome pathway.

Autophagy_volume 13 issue 10.jpg

Mildenberger J, et al.  N-3 PUFAs induce inflammatory tolerance by formation of KEAP1-containing SQSTM1/p62-bodies and activation of NFE2L2.

Oncoimmunology volume 6 Issue 5.jpg

Fang L, et al.  Transcriptional factor EB regulates macrophage polarization in the tumor microenvironment.


Sergin I, et al.  Exploiting macrophage autophagy-lysosomal biogenesis as a therapy for atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis Volume 262.gif

Block RC and Razani B.  Linking lysosomal acid lipase insufficiency to the development of cryptogenic cirrhosis.

Lee Y, et al.  Keap1/Cullin3 modulates p62/SQSTM1 activity via UBA domain ubiquitination.

Evans TD, et al.  Target acquired:  Selective autophagy in cardiometabolic disease.

Lanza GM, et al.  Anti-angiogenic nanotherapy inhibits airway remodeling and hyper-responsiveness of dust mite triggered asthma in the Brown Norway rat.


Evans TD, et al.  Modulating oxysterol sensing to control macrophage apoptosis and atherosclerosis.

Block RC and Razani B.  Options to consider when treating lysosomal acid lipase deficiency.

Leng S, et al.  Ursolic acid enhances macropahge autophagy and attenuates atherogenesis.

Sergin I, et al.  Inclusion bodies enriched for p62 and polyubiquitinated proteins in macrophages protect against atherosclerosis


Sergin I, et al.  Degradation and beyond: the macrophage lysosome as a nexus for nutrient sensing and processing in atherosclerosis


Sergin I, et al.    Hypoxia in plaque macrophages:  a new danger signal for interleukin-1b activation?

Emanuel R*, Sergin I*, et al.  Induction of lysosomal biogenesis in atherosclerotic macrophages can rescue lipid-induced lysosomal dysfunction and downstream sequelae.

Sergin I, et al.  Self-eating in the plaque: what macrophage autophagy reveals about atherosclerosis.

Epelman S, et al.  Embryonic and adult-derived resident cardiac macrophages are maintained through distinct mechanisms at steady state and during inflammation.


Spears L, et al.  Interleukins and atherosclerosis: a dysfunctional family grows.


Lodhi I, et al.  Inhibiting adipose tissue lipogenesis reprograms thermogenesis and PPARg activation to decrease diet-induced obesity.

Lei Y, et al.  The mitochondrial proteins NLRX1 and TUFM form a complex that regulates type I interferon and autophagy.

Razani B, et al.  Autophagy links inflammasomes to atherosclerotic progression

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